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Fax Form
City:                                                State:                                                                           
Contact Phone:                                                                                                                
Comments or special instructions:                                                                   
Color photo or change to black& white:                                                    Type of frame:                                                                                                                
Shirt type: Polo , or heavy weight  tee                                                         
Size:                                             Child :                                                                         Adult:                                            Color:                                                                     Quantity:                                                                                                                          
Type of payment sending:                                                                                      
Please remit to:
Remembrance Keepsakes
1625 East Davis Road
Weatherford , Oklahoma 73096
580-774-1260 Business
580-774-1260 Fax(*9 after the beep)
We look forward to hearing from you and may all your good memories be "Remembrance Keepsakes" ! [Tripod Counter]