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What exactly is "Remembrance Keepsakes"?
Remembrance Keepsakes is a family owned business that takes your photograph of yourself , parents ,pets , children , etc..and we customize it for you with words from the heart. We then frame your "Remembrance Keepsake", insure it , and then mail it out to you along with your original photograph.
What type of words from the heat do you use ?
We have a wide selection of poems , prayers , meaningful heart felt words of wisdom that we use. We can also use something you write if you prefer.
What type of frames do you use ?
We have a selection ranging from light oak, white ,black , black & brass,medium stain oak, and a darker stain oak.
Do you do anything else besides frames ?
Yes , we can place your "Remembrance Keepsakes" on almost any type of fabric , wood , or surface. We also do a wide variety of shirts as well.
What about packages ?
We can do family packages for reunions, birthdays, any holiday , or just glamor shot keepsakes. We can change your photo to black & white also to make it look like it is an "old time"photograph.
Is this going to cost me an arm and a leg ?
No we try to keep all costs down to a minimum. "Remembrance Keepsakes" in an 8 x 10 photograph & an 8 1/2 x 11 solid oak frame , or a heavy weight polo shirt costs $18.95 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.(this also covers the cost to insure your "Remembrance Keepsake"when mailing it to you) For bulk orders or any orders of 5 or more there is a discounted rate & you would need to call for pricing. The same for any special custom orders.
How do I get my order to you ?
You have several options. You can fax your order with your brief statement and then e-mail you photograph,  you can mail it in, or just e-mail all the information.We can start on your order(s) immediately , and will ship out to you when payment is received via mail.
What type of payment do you accept?
We take cashiers checks , money orders , business checks , personal checks , and cash. Although we strongly discourage sending cash in the mail. We are also working on and soon hope to be able to receive credit card orders as well.
What about my original photographs I sent ?
Everything will get mailed back to you along with your "Remembrance Keepsake".